Thursday, 22 January 2015

5. What would I miss? Sydney's weather ...

My front garden, this morning.

I had intended to move onto aspects of Sydney I would NOT miss - but had another thought!

In Sydney, it is ofen difficult to tell when we move into a new seasom. Now some of you will be aghast, and I can see the pleasures of distinct patterns. I, too, adore a "weather" day. But we still get days that are all-over raining and grey. But, in Sydney we do not get snow. We are on the coast, and so get very few frosts. We are in the Temperate Zone, so we chugg along about on average.

Let me give you some official statistics:
  • Summer average is 25-29C
  • Winter average is 16-18C
  • 1200mm rain per annum (highest March to June)
  • 144 rainy days per year
  • 30 thunderstorms per year
  • 57% average humidity pa
  • 6.8 hours average sunshine

  • So, pretty much the weather where I live borders on perfect. Further inland, but still in Sydney, the weather deteriorates abysmally. Sydney ia a large metropolis, with a population of 4.75 million, over an area covering 12,500km2. This is a population density of 380/km2. In comparison, the population density of Australia as a whole is 2.8/km2, and that of Paris is 22,000/km2.

    Yeah, if I had to leave, I would miss the weather.


    diane b said...

    Yep, the weather is pretty good but I can remember cold ring days where as we have warm rainy days.

    Julie said...

    I much prefer COLD rainy days, Diane. Your humidity would just debilitate me.

    Gunn said...

    My body is not made to cope with all the cold and rainy days this time of year.... I envy you.
    It is like medicine for me to look at these wonderful images from Australia..... and other places nearby.

    What a nice garden....
    Lucky you are!

    Joan Elizabeth said...

    Sydney's weather is just too nice. It gets boring.

    Stefan Jansson said...

    I like the winter statistics.

    Halcyon said...

    I wouldn't mind a little blue sky right about now. The worst thing about German winters are the gray skies... and that it gets dark so early!

    Tahiti Daily Photo said...

    It looks like a great weather !

    William Kendall said...

    Beautiful weather, but I would miss the snow!

    Joe said...

    I am very glad that even though we are a lot further south we avoid the snow too.