Thursday, 29 January 2015

Sydney Ferries - The River Cats

This post shows three River Cats into and out/off Circular Quay. Most ferries seem to back out of the wharf, do a u-turn (uie)out in the middle of Sydney Cove, and then charge of on their route, in this case the F3 to Parramatta. I think that numbering is Gladys-speak, Gladys being the transport minister in our state government.

There are seven low-wash catarmarans in this class of ferry. They came into service between 1992 and 1995.
The three ferries shown here are: the Shane Gould, the Evonne Goolagong, and the Marlene Mathews. The others in the class are:
the Betty Cuthbert
the Dawn Fraser
the Marjorie Jackson, and
the Nicole Livingstone.
Each is named after a famous Australian sportswoman.

The styling is nowhere near as attractive as the First-Fleet class of ferry.


William Kendall said...

On the other hand, they have a more working boat sort of feel to them that appeals to me.

Jim said...

Some good angles there.

Joe said...

The ferries are such an important part of Sydney's transport network. Perhaps not unique but certainly very different to Melbourne.

Gunn said...

Nice and fast transport.

VP said...

I simply love any form of water transport!

Julie said...

I would never have picked that, VP.