Friday, 16 January 2015

'Tis a slippery slope ...

These are the Moore Steps on East Circular Quay, originally built between two massive wool stores about 1868.

Who was Moore?

Charles Moore was the Lord Mayor of Sydney from 1867-1869, but was lso an alderman on the council, and sat in both Houses of State Parliament at various times. There are plaques with his name on in various parts of the city. He was an "improver".

Moore Park is named after him, as he investigated the Botany Swamps and determined that, maintained with care they would be a benefit to the city.

In his mayoralty, the site for the Town Hall was acquired, plans drawn and the foundation stone laid. He had the Tank stream covered (changing Semi-circular Quay to just Circular Quay), Macquarie Street extended to Circular Quay (henc, these steps), and the Tarpeian Way formed. He had plans drafted for an underground railway to Circular Quay, and Martin Place used to be called Moore Street.

Our current Lord Mayor is also named Moore. She is an improver, too.


bill said...

Great perspective and background!

William Kendall said...

You certainly want to take care on that staircase. It reminds me a bit of our York Steps.

Julie said...

I had to navigate each step sideways, William.