Wednesday, 18 February 2015

At the bottom of my garden ...

Of course, it is not possible for EVERYONE to have fairies at the bottom of their garden. Nor is it mandatory to push your luck as far as Frances and Elsie did in their Cottingley garden in 1917.

But, the joy and delight in young faces, as I chat to them as Pixie Dimple is to treasure.

Not to mention our little shadow in the corner, there.

The child is portrayed by Juliet, a 16 month old grand-child. The cat is portrayed by Selsie, an eight yo female tabby.


Denton Harryman said...

how wonderful .. developing a love for gardening at an early age (smile)

William Kendall said...

Selsie is obviously accustomed to having kids around.

Joan Elizabeth said...

We have real mushrooms like that in our garden ... should be popping up soon. You can imagine the enchantment of my little nieces and nephews at this sight ... especially when my sister and I drew windows and doors on their white "trunks". We told them the gnomes had moved in overnight.

We had a game in those days that by walking through a ferny patch we turned into real fairies and would stay as such until noon. The noon thing was because there was a limit to my resources - we played fairy games all morning.

The biggest chuckle was when my 3 yr old niece was playing in the park over the road and told some "big boys" she was a fairy. She came back very indignant that they did not believe her.