Saturday, 14 February 2015

The New Black - Flowers & Cafe Chairs

This post is a bit of an in-joke. Of course, it shows neither flowers, nor cafe chairs. However, they are, in my pea-brain, just word symbols for an easy-shot. Yes, yes, I know. No shot is easy. But I particularly like shots where I have to dig and delve. With most shots, I can manage the width, and the breadth. It is when I get to the depth, that I find the real challenge in photography. Depth, of course, is time.
No third dimension here. I can knock the post out in twenty minutes.

This is my front garden, where I spend most of my time. Today, I trimmed the hedge - by hand. I transplanted out more pots with St Valery Carrots. Put in more Coriander seed. Added two more Globe Beetroot seeds. Pulled out yet another cucumber plant, leaving just the one now. Figured I really only had space for one, not two, Rockmelons. And prepared the soil for the seeds which arrive from Diggers on Monday, namely: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Parsnip, Spring Onions, and Pumpkins. Next, from my potting bench down the back garden, I have to find some pots to scatter between the veggies, to grow some Red Marietta Marigolds.


William Kendall said...

That's a garden that will keep you busy!

My parents gardened, including a vegetable garden, which was handy with a bunch of kids to feed. That lasted into retirement when a bunch of deer cleared out the beans one evening.

diane b said...

Doing well. Subsistence farming.

freefalling said...

Nice to see your garden again!
Good old Diggers - they have the best seeds don't they.
Our Bunnings up here sells their little plants.
I'm running out of room in my new garden. Lots of pruning and weeding this weekend.
All my Dahlias are starting to bloom.
Wanna see em?

Tahiti Daily Photo said...

Thanks for the trip in your garden (and in your mind !)

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oh I am all for easy shots and easy blog posts ... that's why I make a single walk or trip go on for ages :-)

As for that garden, what a show off you are. I have been doing heaps of work in my gardens lately, making them more park-like i.e. less work on the long run. But we are still enjoying lettuce, tomatoes and zuchinni from the vege patch. Not sure if I will plant anything for the winter. Might put in some sweet peas (not for eating of course).

Julie said...

Sweet Potato is for eating, but Sweet Pea is not for eating. Go figure. I worked all day in the garden today, my first day of "autumn", meaning I raked up two rapid-rails of fallen leaves. Only 12 weeks to go!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Sweet corn is for eating too. No sign of leaf drop around here yet. Out in the bush bark drop is happening.