Thursday, 19 March 2015

Hyde Park - St James Station

St James railway station commenced operation in December 1926. It is part of the small underground City Circle loop of the much broader Sydney Trains network, with 178 stations in total. It is located in the NW corner of Hyde Park.

As you come up into the daylight at the Elizabeth Street entrance, you could almost imagine you are in a European city.

The neon light in the Elizabeth Street entrance is Heritage Listed. Although there are four platforms in the station, only two platforms are in use. The tunnels leading to the Macquarie Street exit have some wonderful old photographs inlaid in the tiles.

This main entrance is on the intersection of Elizabeth Street and Market Street, with the platforms being below the Archibald Fountain. On the right of the Market Street scene, is the David Jones flagship department store.


Luis Gomez said...

Great neon sign on the station. I am glad it is Heritage listed.

William Kendall said...

I really like the mood of that first shot.

Tahiti Daily Photo said...

I like your fisrt shot !

Joan Elizabeth said...

It is a station I rarely use. But it does have a nice sense of history I think.