Sunday, 22 March 2015

Victoria - The Widow of Windsor

Two statues of Queen Victoria in our CBD. Two that I know of, anyways.

The first and third photo show the same statue: located in the forecourt of the Queen Victoria Building (QVB), on the intersection of George Street, with both Park Street, and Druitt Streets. I stepped this way and that to alter the background, the golden sandstone of the QVB or the modern stripes of the Hilton.

The middle shot is of the statue located at the top of Macquarie Street near its intersection with Prince Albert Road. I did not remove the background. What you see is the sky on an overcast day. Contrary to rumour, we do sometimes get those here in Sydney town.

Queen Victoria ascended the British Throne in June 1837 and died in January 1901 - 63 years and 7 months.. This was in the growth years of Sydney as a city. The ties to "motherland" were strong and genuine. Sadly, they still are. Sometime in September this year, the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, will exceed that of her great-grand-mother.


PerthDailyPhoto said...

The QV building is a must for Aimee and I when we come to Sydney Julie, not for shopping, just to admire while having lunch or tea..I think 'herself' would be amazed by the number of sculptures there are around the world depicting her persona :)

Cloudia said...

I've seen Victoria memorials on dusty little isles far off the beaten path. The sun never sets on her dear, formidable visage!

ALOHA from Honolulu

Luis Gomez said...

Great shots Julie.

William Kendall said...

We have her here as well, one looking like the grandmother we associate her as outside on Parliament Hill, the other inside the Library of Parliament, looking younger.

Joe said...

I love the perspective and composition of that first shot Julie. The vertical lines in the background provide a great contrast to isolate the fluidity in the statue. Fabulous shot.