Saturday, 25 April 2015

ANZAC 100 (1915-2015)

My gratitude for family who served:

Ferres, Sydney Eversly, 6th Batallion AIF, killed during Helles landing, 8th May 1915

Honeyman, Claude Gosford, 1st Batallion, served at Gallipoli & the Western Front, died Sydney June 1940

Selby, Cecil Roy, 2nd Batallion, served on the Western Front, died Gosford September 1982

Cole, Ross Charles, RAN, sunk in North Atlantic, September 1940

Tonkin, Gordon Lewis, 30th Batallion, served PNG, died August 2011,

Tonkin, Laurie William, Fortress Sigs, served PNG, died May 2011, and

Kingsmill, Mildred Olive, served 1/3 Australian General Hospital Sydney, still going strong at 90.

I do not forget.


Jim said...

A wonderful tribute, Julie. Lest we forget.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Nicely written Julie. And the photo too ... I guess that is your Dad.

Julie said...

Thank you, Joan. Yes, that is my father. I wanted all the "family" to be equal and to be themselves. Not to have my relationship with them to interrupt. It is about them, not about me.

Bruce Caspersonn said...

Neither do I forget, thank you Julie, good on you.

William Kendall said...

A wonderful tribute to them.

Luis Gomez said...

So beautiful Julie.

Joe said...

Such and important remembrance.

diane b said...

A courageous family

Gunn said...

I love the WAY YOU COMPOSED this.

great posting.