Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Pyrmont Bay - Park & Growers' Market

Pyrmont Bay is double-headed. This might just be now, rather than natural, as the entire Pyrmont Peninsula has undergone extensive reclamation and remodelling. Whole swathes have been quarried to build structures all over the city itself. It was an extremely poor, working-class, industrialised area that has only come into its own for the last, say, 25 years. And this is because you can walk to a job in the city from nearly anywhere in Pyrmont, yet it is also serviced by ferries, lite-rail, and buses.

My G-G-G-grandfather, Richard Puckeridge (1812-1881), would snap his braces, and cluck his tongue. He spent his life making bricks in Pyrmont, initially from premises in and around Harris Street, close to the "Hellhole" quarry, and eventually to "Puckeridge's Brickyards" in Quarry Street. However, much of the area now is given over to Gen-Y with their latte-sipping ways!

A case in point is the Sydney Morning Herald Growers' Market, held in the park just above these bollards. It is a wonderful, eclectic mix of food fads, and earnest greenies, with nary a tea-party-nutter in sight. It is held the first Saturday of the month, save January.

The building in the background of the second image is the Star City Casino.


William Kendall said...

If someone from a century or so ago could come back and see how much a place has changed, they'd be stunned!

Cloudia said...

The bridge was most inspiring, this scene so restful!

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ALOHA from Honolulu,

Jim said...

I still haven't had a chance to visit the market but I want to someday.