Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sussex Street Pubs - 1 - The Bristol Arms

"The Bristol Arms Hotel" has been at 81 Sussex Street since 1898. The area along the western side of Sussex Street was occupied from an early date with houses. The Sands Directory records the site of the Bristol Arms occupied by Henry Ash (carpenter) in 1860. "The Bristol Arms Hotel" first appeared in 1865-66 at No. 69 Sussex Street. The area immediately behind the hotel was the Darling Harbour waterfront occupied by the Patent Slip Wharf since c.1833. Sussex Street was the main thoroughfare between the wharves and the town.

The Sands Directory lists John Booth as licensee (1865-66), then James Blair (1867-69). Francis Blair succeeded him between 1870-1886. The hotel was operated by a succession of publicans between 1887 to 1905. In 1906-08 the hotel was run by Ellen Keyes and named "Keyes Hotel", but reverted to the name Bristol Arms in 1907. The building continued to function as a hotel until 1969, when the property was resumed by the Department of Main Roads as part of the realignment of Day Street. From this point it became known as the Welcome Inn Hotel. The property was put up for sale after 1984 and once again, renamed "The Bristol Arms Hotel".

Text sourced from NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

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William Kendall said...

A good name for a pub, and I like the look of the place.