Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sydney Sandstone - Seawalls

Approximately half of the natural foreshore of our harbour has been replaced by seawalls of one type or another. This seawall is directly in front of "The Star" casino in Pyrmont. Since 1788, Pyrmont has gone from bush, to cow "pasture", to rock quarries, to a blighted industrial landscape accompanied by a plethora of wharves and shipping facilities.

This wharf has at least three layers: sandstone on the bottom, then concrete blocks, all topped with a couple of rounds of bricks. The fact that it is vertical causes its own problems with wash, and bio-diversity. To the best that I can determine, the lower level of sandstone was constructed after 1876, after the Sydney Council Health Committee toured the streets, and condemned a range of sub-standard housing which was continually being inundated by tidal flushes.

This is the seawall in Pyrmont Bay, which is part of Darling Harbour, which, in turn, is part of Port Jackson. Port Jackson includes North Harbour, Sydney Harbour, Middle Harbour, the Lane Cove River, and the Parramatta River. It has a perimeter which is 317 kms in length.


Luis Gomez said...

Nice shots Julie.

William Kendall said...

Excellent shots!

Joan Elizabeth said...

The sandstone is lovely, wherever it lands.