Monday, 22 June 2015

On the Street Where I Live - Macquarie Street

Left: Sydney Hospital (1880)
Right: State Library of New South Wales (1906)

Left: Spire Of St Stephen's Uniting Church (1935)
Right: Main window behind the mezzanine pews of St Stephen's Uniting Church (1935)

Left: Corner moulding Sydney Hospital (1880)
Right: Above the main entrance, Colonial (or Chief) Secretary's building (1873-1880)

Left: Light on Sydney Hospital (1880) (1935)
Right: Logo on cast-iron gate, The Mint (1811-1816)


Joe said...

So nice to see architecture like this in today's world of flat, shiny surfaces.

Luis Gomez said...


William Kendall said...

Beautiful detail, particularly the corner moulding.

FigMince said...

Well, Julie, at least your irony’s working. Santé.