Friday, 31 July 2015

Bicycles - 1 sleep to go ...

Cycling has been the go-to sport for quite some time now. It is non-contact - the way amateur cyclists play the sport - which means that one can stay in the sport longer. Non-contact does not mean injury-free, of course.

As I indicated yesterday, cycling is not a poor-man's-sport. However, riding a bike is a poor-man's mode of transportation.

So, I conclude this week of heads-up to our City Daily Photo Theme Day, which is tomorrow, with a look at bikes simply hanging about in the city by-ways. Rusty bikes. Secured bikes. Cheap bikes.

Bikes for the "everyman".

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William Kendall said...

Your remark about injuries reminds me of the other night- coming out of a library, seeing a cyclist crash on the street right in front of me. He took quite a hit with that fall. Fortunately a doctor was close by too among those of us who came to help him.