Thursday, 16 July 2015

Central Railway Station (1)

Sydney's Central Station was opened for traffic (and customers) in August 1906. It is small, and unsophisticated, in comparison with Grand Central (1871) in New Yorkj City. It is leisurely and quiet in comparison with Gare du Nord (1864) in Paris. It is simple and obvious in comparison with St Pancras (1868)in London.

But I love it. It is, for me, the go-to place for people watching in my city. It is full of real people, poor people, ugly people, harrassed people irrascible people, unfortunate people. Interesting people, not plastic sophisticates without a brain to rub together.

This is the third station to serve this role in Sydney. The first Sydney Station opened in 1855, roughly on a line with the Mortuary Station. It was called Redfern (what we now know as Redfern was then known as Eveleigh). The second Sydney Station opened in 1874 and fronted Devonshire Street, which ran above what is now the Devonshire tunnel. What we have currently is the third incarnation of Sydney Station, which could only be built once all the remains in the Devonshire Street Cemetery had been re-interred elsewhere.

These three photographs were taken on the western concourse, just around from the lite-rail terminus. The ornately carved cedar doors are original 1906 installatios, and lead to the upstairs admin suite. I have not yet found them unlocked.


William Kendall said...

What a beautiful doorway!

Kate said...

Cedar was a good choice for the door, which is framed nicely. I recognize the pineapple, traditionally the symbol of hospitality, but I cannot identify the other objects and know what they represent.

Bob Crowe said...

But the decorative elements are exquisite. You won't find woodwork like that at any of the other stations you mentioned - we've been through them.

Joe said...

Railway stations are such interesting places. Full of the clatter of life on the move.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love central too. I feel the joy of going places there. Made even more so if the Indian Paciifc is at the platform.