Friday, 24 July 2015

Central Station's "Grand Concourse"

These photographs were all taken at 8am on a Sunday. Hence, the sparsity of travellers! My Central Coast train left from Platform 9 at 8:15am.

When I returned at about 2:30pm, hundreds of people alighted from my train alone. Other than week-day peaks, I should think that Saturday arvo is one of the busiest times for train travel in my state. People seem to come to the city for the major-league football.

All railway stations in the CBD are having cosmetic renovations. The renos at Central are just about complete. The renos at Wynyard Station are a challenge to negotiate.


William Kendall said...

Much busier there during rush hours.

The main station down in Toronto has just finished up several years of renovations. When I was last down there, they were still in the midst of it.

diane b said...

I love that part of the station. Blimey they were renovating Wynyard last time I was there.

Joe said...

I can see some similarities in the arches in Central Station to those of Flinders Street Julie.

Gunn said...

I like the doors and windows here.
Our station is sooooo small compared to this:)

Joan Elizabeth said...

I just love those big arched spaces and shines floors and sense of a past era. I like all things train actually.