Sunday, 5 July 2015

From Manse to ร้านรังผึ้ง

This building is situated at 461 Pitt Street South, in the suburb of Haymarket. it is on the corner of Pitt and Hat Streets. It was built in 1846, with the minister, Dr James Fullerton, and his young family moving in during 1847.

In May 1986, it had come to this. Just one derelict building in a row of derelict buildings, on the verge of demolition to make way for an office block above a cental shopping mall. The old manse is on the extreme right, with the red awning.

The significance of the site was recognised, and a determination made to preserve at least something. The Wesleyan Chapel and manse were too far gone. The Anthony Hordern building (which I showed the other day) had already burnt to the ground in a spectacular blaze, and the AGL Gas Holders had been dismantled. The entire block was subject to an archaeological review.

By the late 1980s, the manse and the old fire station had been saved, but the other shops in the row - not built until the 1890s where the stables and outbuildings had been - had been demolished to make way for Sydney Central.

The restoration work was superb, considering the state of the building in 1986. Now it is home to a Thai grocery store with the name ร้านรังผึ้ง which I think has something to do with "honeycomb".

But come with me around to the back of the old building, bend down and look through the back door, and clean out thr front door. See all the citizens scurrying across Pitt St at the lights? What was directly across there in 1846 ... tomorrow.


Joe said...

Amazing research Julie. You are also very clever to use that foreign alphabet in the title.

William Kendall said...

The foreign lettering particularly stands out. I like the look of the building.

Jim said...

I've always liked this building but never tried photographing it.