Friday, 3 July 2015

Then & Now - Central Railway Station (aka Sydney Station)

Central Station was under construction by April 1903 when this image was taken from the Anthony Hordern Warehouse in Parker Street. The labels start in the centre top f the image and go clockwise by alphabet:
A Price Alfred Park Exhibition Building
B The 1875 old Central Station (aka Redfern Station) fronting Devonshire Street
C Pitt Street heading south to Railway Square
D Eddy Avenue running across the Belmore Park frontage of the new station
E Elizabeth Street

A similarly aligned view last week. The cars are coming out of Eddy Avenue and turning south into Pitt Street.

Below Left: A view of the building in December 1906 when the first train departed for the countryside. Remember, at this time we are only talking about the country platforms of Central. The lines going into the CBD were only constructed in the mid-1920s.

Below Right: Taken during 1920, as the clock tower is not complete.

Standing up on the tram concourse and looking north up Pitt Street to the CBD.


William Kendall said...

I see old pictures of my city and I enjoy the chance to compare what's still there and what's gone. I like these!

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