Thursday, 13 August 2015

State Library ... aGAIN ...

The vestibule often has a heads-up for a current exhibition or workshop.

The Mitchell Wing was commenced in 1910, which is quite late in the history of Sydney. Hence, it will be apparent that this building was not the original home of the State Library collection.

The privately owned Australian Subscription Library commenced in 1826, in rented premises. In 1845 it moved into its own building diagonally opposite to where it stands today. In 1869, the ASL went broke and the state government bought it out, changing the name to The Sydney Free Public Library. Another example of privatise your profits, and socialise your losses.

Two views of the Mitchell Wing vestibule. One from the foyer (right), and the other from the first floor (left)showing the Abel Tasman marble map.

This marble staircase winds from the vestibule up to the first floor.

In 1895 it became The Public Library of New South Wales. In 1975 it was renamed yet again to The State Library of NSW.

It is only in the last quarter century that I have overcome a childhood habit of refering to this library as The Mitchell Library.

A quotation from the Scottish philosopher, Thomas Carlyle, adorns the eastern wall of the vestibule. There is an item about the quotation in the Curio exhibition.


William Kendall said...

A wise quote. My eyes get drawn to those stained glass windows.

Virginia said...

What a wonderful place. You are lucky Julie.