Friday, 11 September 2015

AG-NSW - Sydney Modern

By way of explanation, I took all these photograps. Some are photos of photos and models in the "Sydney Modern" exhibition, currently at the AG-NSW. Photo 4 was from outside the existing gallery.

Enlarge this first image. It covers an entire wall in the exhibit. The existing gallery is on the left, in the centre, a pale grey. To its right , a pale yellow, is the proposed new wing.

Note that this plan bestrides the Eastern Distributor (or Cahill Expressway). It is a bridge of land. When the Cahill expressway bulldozed through The Domain in the late '50s it permanent;y split Macquarie's "demesne" from his Botanic Gardens. So the greenery to the left of the expressway is The Domain. The greenery to the right of the expressway is The Royal Botanic Gardens. I have chosen a shot which shows both the harbour bridge and the opera house, up in the top, right-hand corner.

The two images above, are computer-generated, from the exhibition. On the left, we are looking north down Art Gallery Road, from outside the current building. On the right, we are looking south up Art Gallery Road, from the pedestrain-crossing currently leading to the Wooloomooloo Gates of the Botanic Gardens. It covers a massive space.

To take this, I was standing where the new wing will be. It is a lovely expanse of land overlooking the Finger Wharf and the Garden Island Dockyards.

In the exhibit, there are models of the successful "concept plan". The concept is akin to a work of art. The architects concerned being keen that the physical surroundings enhance the experience.

The successful concept was subitted by SANAA, an architectural and design firm based in Tokyo, headed by Kazuyo Sejima (right) and Ryue Nishizawa (left), with three partners Yoshitaka Tanase, Yumiko Yamada and Rikiya Yamamoto. Sydney-based landscape architectural practice McGregor Coxall is working with the Art Gallery of NSW and architectural practice SANAA to develop the landscape design concept for the Sydney Modern Project. McGregor Coxall is also working on the transformation of the hot-house pyramid in The Botanic Gardens for its Bicentennary next year.


Luis Gomez said...

Absolutely wonderful.

William Kendall said...

The architects seem to have the right concept in mind.

Cloudia said...

Wonderful sights!


diane b said...

That looks impressive. My kids will love it. When is it due to be completed?

Julie said...

The Sydney Modern Project is estimated to cost around $450 million. The total cost will be determined following the finalisation of a detailed design which will take 12 months. My guess the project will be completed by 2020.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Gosh it's huge. Modem … what a odd name, makes me hear the beeps and squeals of the old dial up modems.

Birdman said...

Your first one is giving me the dizzies! ( I made that word up).

Bob Crowe said...

That brings back memories. On the day we arrived in Sydney for our only visit many years ago we stayed in Wooloomooloo and, after a nap, walked to The Rocks. It was the first day of my life the sun was in the north and I was quite disoriented.