Sunday, 4 January 2009

Adjusting the rhythm of life

Gordons Bay, New Years Day, late afternoon.

A launching place rather than a beach, with access both steep and daunting, Gordons Bay is a protected vegetation area where the community Bushcare group gathers monthly to regenerate native heath and eliminate exotic invaders. As a consequence, other noxious invasive lifeforms like yahoos, public address systems and Mr Whippee are also kept to a minimum.

Amazingly, the Central Business District is, maybe, 7kms away - as the crow flies.


Virginia said...

Gorgeous with that deep blue and pop of red. Does he belong to my lady in the red coat???

Mo said...

Oooh that looks like more fun than huddling over a heater.

Joan Elizabeth said...

You are finding all sorts of nice spots around Sydney to photograph. I must admit to having a love-hate relationship with the place ... it is too big and not country enough for me so I have never really spent the time to know her even though I have lived there on and off for many years.