Saturday, 3 January 2009

Long summer daze

Beach Volleyball, Coogee Beach, 7pm New Years Day - Max temp 34.3C

Coogee lies in the midst of a massive sandstone basin laid down when the dinosaurs roamed. The deposit, known as Hawkesbury Sandstone, stretches from beyond Broken Bay in the North - we visited Barrenjoey Headland last week - down to the Shoalhaven valley in the south and westwards out to the Blue Mountains. Sally from "Sydney Daily Photo" has recently finished a terrific series on Sydney Sandstone. Unfortunately, Coogee's main claim to fame is that it has the hotel which sells the most beer in NSW. As a consequence, even more backpackers head there every weekend!


JM said...

Ahhh... summer!... (sight)
The previous sculpture is just fabulous!

Virginia said...

I agree with JM , ahhhhh summer. Warmed me up from this chlly rainy day we're having. Boys will be boys! HA

Joan Elizabeth said...

Great shot Julie, action, light and colour all make for a memorable scene. I'll have to put you on my list of seaside photographers I can't match you've done some beauties lately.

Tash said...

On someone's blog I read "Don't worry about the end of the world, it's already tomorrow in Australia." by Charles Schultz.
& this is a great shot to remind us (even us in very sunny SoCal) that summer is coming. The photo is excellent - the action and the background. What a great start for you 2009 photo year.
Our old Canon's screen went bad in Dec 2007. My husband bought a XS100IS 10x optical, 8.0 megapix and that's what I've been using all of last year. I've been very happy with it, esp. once I set it to the most pixels & turned off the digital zoom.

Sally said...

You mentioned on my south coast Sydney Basin entry that you thought that the sandstone dodn;t go so far. Now, catching up, I see this post (lovely pic btw! reminds me of Barcelona!) Anyway, you're right - it's the Hawkesbury sandstone layer WITHIN the Sydney basin that goes that far. There are many layers of sandstone apparently, laid down over 100 million years give or take!