Saturday, 4 July 2009

Joys of Childhood 3

Mumma was never far away. There were times when she had to clench her fists; times when she had to shove her hands in her pockets. She was the most concerned, but probably also the one who realised that letting go was the only way.

Her son had a ball: constantly challenging himself and squealing out with pleasure when his sneakers slipped and he flipped base-over-apex. Even Dad could see that not only was their physical ability being challenged, but their openness to the challenge was changing the way their brain approached the world in which they lived.

Sydney Park, the old Bee-hive kilns, St Peters


Carraol said...

Beautiful posted, the red rope as a symbol of adventure and love!

Lachezar said...

Love your photographs and your commentary is well said and written as always. Being overprotective is a malady but one very difficult to get rid of!

Joan Elizabeth said...

You did have fun in the park! It's a lovely sunny day here today, time to go for a drive and enjoy the joy of photography too.

brattcat said...

It's true, Julie, you are as gifted in your powers of observation when you're taking a photograph and when you're telling us the story behind the shot.

Sally said...

Julie, I went and had another poke around Dawes Point today, and that little sandstone mini-tower.

I think it must be part of the remanant of Fort Dawes. The only other clue is lines of sandstone embedded in the pavement (I'll put some pics up on Thanks for the birthday greetings! Sydney Daily Photo Extra in a moment ...see what you think.

Funnily enough as I was having a poke around it (the entrance way has been glassed up, and there is a narrow window - which faces northwest), also with glass in - a woman on a way to a wedding at Watersedge asked me what it was! I advanced your theory about it being an old fort, and that a couple of people are trying to find out.

I ssupect there's an easy way to do so via Sydney City Library or the council historian, but where's the fun in that!

Lovely shots of the kids at play.

Julie said...

Bloody hell ... I poked around there for nigh on two hours this arvo and saw people who were part of a wedding party!

I am working up a post: no proof just an evidence-based guess!

altadenahiker said...

These photos are a great metaphor. And you're right -- I remember reading that children who are watched and tended too closely do not develop the same problem-solving skills as those who get to strike out a bit.