Friday, 17 December 2010

The noxious Camphor Laurel

This magnificent stand of Camphor Laurel trees stands across the road in the Royal Hospital for Women (RHW) off-leash dog park. I mentioned the Camphor Laurel earlier this week when I talked about noxious weeds.

This tree was introduced in the 1820s from Asia. They have massive, invasive roots and their leaves have a high carbon content which degrades water reserves. It is popular for fattening cattle and the wood is yet another form of Rosewood.

I am spending a couple of days in Newcastle with my brothers. Shall be back blogging live again on Sunday.


Arija said...

Most parts of it would probably be useful for keeping moths at bay as well.

Have a great time with your brothers on your little jaunt.

Joan Elizabeth said...

More weeds. Enjoy your visit with the brothers.

Ann said...

Such a shame they are weeks, I love them, they are beautiful trees.

brattcat said...

Have a fantastic holiday and watch out for all noxious species.

diane said...

have a good break.Enjoy family. Shame they are a pest. They are so shady and aesthetic.