Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Trumper Park - pathways

Glenmore Brook runs beneath this park, bubbling to the surface just once, to form a small pond part way down from the Jersey Road ridge.

Gazetted in 1895, it was originally called Hampden Park, but renamed in 1931 to honour Victor Trumper.

For my first walk, I started at the Lord Dudley on Jersey Road, walked along past the bowling club, and the tennis club, and realised I was taking the high road. I did not realise one could choose - the ridge or the forest floor. Not all the pathways are suitable for strollers, but a stroller could be pushed in either direction with careful choice of pathway.

The canopy, which is immensely high, was teaming with the loud calls of the Currawong, and many Noisy Miners flew the branches above my head. I did not see any ground animals, but geckoes, goannas and frill-neck lizards have to live rhere somewhere.

Tomorrow : the pond

Remember, all this in a densely settled section of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, where real estate is at a premium and where terraces sell for upwards of two million.


Vicki said...

The textures and colours are superb. I can almost feel the damp softness of the moss.

J Bar said...

It looks so luscious and green.

Mark Bellamy said...

This is a place i have always wan't to explore. I guess it is overshadowed by Centenial Park

Peter said...

Looks so quiet, love the Victor Trumper story.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely park!
It's like a tropical jungle.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely park!
It's like a tropical jungle.

Kevin said...

I agree, it looks like it could be a walk in the tropics. Very nice.

Tulsa Gentleman said...

I love vegetation tunnels surrounding a forest path.