Friday, 5 August 2011

Location, location, location

So goes the exhortation from land sharks and speculators and estate agents! Look at the map. They are right, of course. Wedged in by greenery, this estate appealed to doctors, to lawyers, to statesmen (huh?), to mercantilists. This is where the landed gentry who ran merino studs outside Wagga Wagga housed their family (or mistresses).

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Can you see the green swathe through this area? Can you see the 100 acres that is bounded by Robertson, Cook, Lang and Martin? The exclusivity of the area was a magnet. Lang Road and Cook Road have been eroded by the impact of traffic from the old Showground, from the Sydney Cricket Ground, and now from Fox Studios. Some of these houses have been let go, like a mistress gone to seed.

Remember, we are talking here about the professional class, the landed gentry, and merchants. We are not talking imported aristocracy, we are not talking inherited wealth. For the most part, these investors were self-made men. Self-made, with pretensons, of course.


brattcat said...

you are telling us such a deep and interesting story with these...about humanity, about its pride and its longings and its impermanence.

Kay L. Davies said...

Ah, yes, pretentiousness. I prefer humble little abodes, about which I grumble and mumble while living there.
Beautiful photos, Julie.
So happy about Kirsten's progress but hoping they don't kick her out of ICU too soon.
Luv — K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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freefalling said...

Reminds me of Camberwell/Canterbury in Melb. which is where we first moved to when we came from Qld to Vic - Dad liked all the trees.
I hated living there.

freefalling said...
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Ann said...

Have only seen a bit of Lang Road and love the places along there. Are they talking off moving Kirstin already? Must go over to her blog.

1ondoncalling said...

Lots of green parks in that area!
Bet it's very expensive.

diane b said...

I've driven past this area often and never realised what gems lay around the corner. Thanks for the info.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I had all but forgotten how grand the homes can be over at your side of town. Enjoying looking at them. Would not want to be paying their land rates.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Julie, what a beautiful series you have given us... Being a "map girl" you have satisfied my quest to know just where this is. Very interesting history and beautiful landscapes and homes.