Thursday, 11 April 2013

Shitting in one's own nest

In Tower Reserve, between The Citadel and The Bulwark, stands the crag of Walter Burley Griffin's castle. It bears a residual resemblance to WBG's memories of Edinburgh's dominating Castle Rock, but only on a good day, and if the wind is from the right direction. On Google map, there appears to be an extensive Tower Reserve, but in reality development has encroached on the lower reaches, with backyards using it as an uncontested 'extension'. WBG was not involved in the development long enough to ensure safeguards were in place to show this landscape feature to its best advantage.

With my trusty stick, I beat my way along a series of paths/walking tracks/goat tracks in the general direction my country-girl head dictated. These goat-tracks are well sign-posted, which is a blessing. Gingerly, I made my ascent, and was well-rewarded. Facing south, I could easily see Centrepoint Tower, and facing East ... voila ... the Pacific Ocean in the distance with Sailors Bay in the foreground. The houses in the the mid-ground must be at Seaforth, indicating that the Spit Bridge is not too far away.


Kay L. Davies said...

It is a shame no one else saw that safeguards were in place, either, Julie. Such safeguards must always be spearheaded by a strong person or a committee before anything is done with regard to conservation.
I love the photo with the ocean in the distance and the bay in the centre.
Do be careful, you and your trusty stick. I know there's no holding you back, and I wouldn't want anyone to try to do that, but do take care, my dear Julie.

Jim said...

Such a beautiful spot.

Joe said...

The rapid transitions from suburbia to natural bush land in Sydney often surprises me. I love that bottom shot with its smooth, curving rocks emerging from the soil and the tree roots snaking through the earth.

Joan Elizabeth said...

The bottom shot is wonderful, the sinews of the earth laid bare.

diane b said...

Looks like you were a mountain goat for the day. Super shots.