Saturday, 6 April 2013

The attraction of twee to an incorrigible bag-lady

The houses over this way are solid, indeed, if it is not too malapropriate, they border on the stolid. Scottishly so. They are the conceits of Presbyterian burghers, rather than the aspiration of a Bermondsey gas-fitter, as I suspect was many an early cottage in Paddington.

But, then again, the earliest establishment in Paddo was Robert Cooper's 'Juniper Hall' in 1828, whereas, Castlecrag was midwifed by the prolific walter Burly Griffin and his wife, Marion, between 1925 and 1935. Paddo is an urban-jungle-mishmash, whereas Castlecrag is a sedate, gentrified estate.

In contrast, our little gingerbread cottage endeared itself by being quaint, indeed, twee.


Hilda said...

That bunker of a house has a certain attraction for me, I have to admit. But since I prefer lots of natural light, my vote goes to the little cottage.

Love how you composed these two shots, Julie!

head in the sun said...

A new adventure!
Can't wait to follow along with your gardening journey.
It's very exciting starting a new garden, isn't it?

diane b said...

Trust you to dig up some oldies in the suburbs. they are quaint.

Julie Storry said...

Hilda, I prefer natural light, too. The bunker [good term for it] could be a Griffin design, but I have not gone on an excursion to track them down yet.

Letty, you will note that the 'new adventure' is a joint effort, with two totally different visions.

Diane, Castlecrag only really does 'oldies'. I say 'really' because some of the oldies have been modernised, but not always in a sympathetic manner.

Ann said...

Very different to your old stamping ground. What is the Castle in Castlecrag, is there one.

Joan Elizabeth said...

As soon as I saw that bunker house I thought that's like those Burley Griffin houses I have seen on TV. I didn't realise you were in that part of Sydney. I guess I am pretty ignorant about the Sydney since I have a love hate relationship with most of it beyond the inner suburbs.

Julie Storry said...

Ahh ... you both touch upon similar topics.

Ann, there are a couple of posts required to cover the 'castle' concept.

Joan, I think there were 17 WBG designed houses that were actually constructed. There are maps that show each of them, so I will get to them all in due course.