Friday, 5 April 2013

You missed a bit ... up there on the right

The Castlecrag shops are, to me, much nicer than Northbridge

He startled me, bent over double as I was. plumbing a line along the Lilli-pilli trying to determine if those limp pink leaves were making like the hedge of my dreams. But his quip endeared him to me, as much as his ear-to-ear grin. Self-deprecating, I can get.

I can do this lower-north-shore transition, you know. I didn't live on the upper-north-shore for twenty years, without some of it wedged under my fingernails. But, I still want to be 'naughty' and wear my khaki beanie, my grey-coat, my spattered canvas high-tops, and pull my cadee.

And so I do. Pull my cadee, that is. Up to the local shops, which is an undulating 12 minutes away. No matter how I dress, my money is still the same colour, even though it is now laundered by the Department of Human Services.

On the other side of Edinburgh Road to 'The Quadrangle' is a small ribbon of shops that would not be out of place at Five Ways


Kay L. Davies said...

Ooh, how about if I come over there and meet you for coffee at that patisserie, Julie. Lovely!
All best wishes to your family, especially Alannah. How does she feel about becoming a big sister?
Luv, K

Julie Storry said...

Well ... to start with, she ONLY wanted a sister. Her parents chatted to her for a few days, and now she is sure she is having a brother. On 11th May she toddles along with her mother to the 20-week scan, and then brings the images to our pre-arranged Yum-cha lunch where SHE tells us if she is having a brother or a sister.

head in the sun said...'ve become the local crazy bag/cat lady?

Ann said...

So good to see you back posting. Look forward to exploring an area I don't know at all.

Congratulations on the pending new arrival as well.

If you come into town please let me know, I'd love to catch up, its been a while. We are moving down to Martin Place round about Anzac Day.

Julie Storry said...

I am in town all time. I take the 207 and in <30 minutes I am at Wynyard. It returns from Carrington St. My new cinema is Dendy Quays where I have been 4 times already. I will email you.

Jim said...

I can remember driving past there once and stopping for a drink.

Joan Elizabeth said...

You are already turning this into an adventure for us.

I met a lady in Clandulla recently who strongly reminded me of you with her no nonsense take on life.

When I go to Sydney I tend to stay dressed down. Sometimes I shudder to think if I ran into my old colleagues ... they would think I have really let myself go.

Joe said...

Reading your post makes me realise how much I have missed your way with words Julie.

diane b said...

So you are going to be a Ma again as well as a bag lady. Glad to see you back again. The little mall looks okay for a coffee.

Julie Storry said...

Joan, the 'adventure' comes from my own personal challenge - and search for beauty where I cannot see it.

Joe - that is so sweet. Thank you.

Diane - Yes a Ma again, when I was originally told 'no way' I am afraid my initial reaction was negative. She has soooo much on her plate! The mall has a number of spots that are good for coffee and a snack ... and cupcakes.