Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sight is physical, vision is mental

Whereas sight might indeed be physical, and yes, vision be mental, they are both controlled by the brain. This blog started life as 'Sydney Eye', indeed its URL is still that. But I moved from the inner-city out to the suburbs, and my life circumstances changed accordingly. So I changed the title of this blog to 'Nestling into the Castlecrag landscape', which is what I was doing, and no longer need to do. I am nestled. But being merely human, I wanted the best of both worlds, cakes and eating.

I had crossed the Rubicon, gone from one side of the city, across the harbour, to the other side of the city, even though I only journeyed seven kilometres, it may as well have been to the moon and back. Quickly, I knew that the nestling was occurring in fertile soil, but loam that was all of the same consistency. What I needed, and wanted to share with you, was a soil that was full of organic waste, that had colour, and texture, and diversity. Hence, the title of this blog changed, again, to 'Sydney's North Shore'. Let's see how long this one lasts.

Let's start with St Mary's Catholic Church on the corner of Miller Street and Ridge Street, North Sydney. A church was first constructed on this site in 1868, with the current church having been constructed in 1937.


Barbara Farr said...

Lovely architecture.

Like the butterfly, you cocooned, broke free, and fluttered away.

Jim said...


FigMince said...

Ah, memories, Julie. Back in my early twenties (aka early 1960s), one of my best friends was Catholic, and after a Rugby League game at North Sydney Oval (when there was still a Norths team and football was played on Saturdays) we'd retire to the pub across the road from the oval until he could duck out and go to Saturday night Mass at this church. The rest of us, being heathens, would drink on until he came back holier.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I like the multi-coloured stone. I can't say I have ever noticed this building. While I have lived in this area at various times (Crows Nest, Waverton, Kirribilli and Mlsons Point) I was not a photographer at the time and generally too busy being a corporate slave to observe much. I will be interesting to see what you turn up as familiar to me.