Monday, 17 June 2013

Festival of the Solstice - # 2 Water

When I was growing up, water was an invisible resource, which is strange in a country where drought is so prevalent. We could be paying pounds to have wells bored out, scanning the horizon for just the right sort of cloud, or sniggering behind the back of our hand as the 'mad water diviner' tramped the paddocks with his stick. All this things, and yet raise hell if water was not free at a restaurant, or any shop.

Now water is a commodity. People pay for it in plastic bottles, and it is their constant companion. There is a branch of law about water rights, and farmers join together to form water cooperatives. There are countries that are water generators, and other countries that are water beggars. When evidence of water was found on Mars, it made headlines as proof that 'life' could perhaps be sustained upon that red planet. Within the next century, I fully expect communities to go to war over water. Water security, and food security go hand in glove.

Water is a precious commodity, which also deserves our respect.

This is my contribution to 'The Festival of the Solstice', the June Mid-month Theme over at City Daily Photo.


Joe said...

Such an important resource Julie. I do hope that it doesn't become a reason for war.

head in the sun said...

mmm...I've read lots of articles over the years in National Geographic about our world and water. The photos are always so striking.
This little video makes me remember how lucky we are.

diane b said...

It is a striking contrast to visit countries with an abundance of water and then one with very little.

cieldequimper said...

Yes it is precious. We have so much of it lately that I chose something a bit different in the hope that the something will make its appearance again soon.

This is a delightfully calm shot.

Jim said...

Beautiful reflections.