Friday, 13 December 2013

A window on the past [4/4]

Of course, for every one of these houses that has been restored, rather than renovated, there is another next door, or across the road, that has been totally botched. Of course, the owners will contend that family requirements have altered over the last century. And this is probably true. But why oh why totally stuff the external appearance of the front. I understand if the rear of the house has been opened 'out'. If the garden is an extension of an enlarged living area. But if the frontage faces either west or south, why bother stuffing it up with pretensios to grandeur. Just go pourchase a different property, as this one is obviously not for you.

The houses shown this week would, in my estimation, fetch between $1.75m and $2.25m in the Sydney property market.


wilbo43 said...

The windows are a great idea for blog posts.

Have a happy Christmas with your family, Julie and all the best wishes for 2014.



Julie said...

Many thanks, Bill. I will drop into both you and YOH later this evening.

Red Nomad OZ said...

I guess I won't be moving to that area of Sydney any time soon!!! But I'm SO with you on the pointless & tasteless renovations - just don't get it!! Hope your weekend is going great!

Joe said...

I agree Julie. It such a shame to see houses which have all the character renovated out of them.

diane b said...

I agree with joe.