Monday, 2 December 2013

Parish of Cooks River [1/5]

I am trying to post five times each week, on a theme. Last week I did not quite make it. Let's see what this week tosses my way.

Working extensively on my family tree, my first relative to land on these shores was a Joseph Puckeridge, who did so at 'his Majesty's pleasure' back in 1801, and was set to work making bricks for the new colony. A google search led me to the Anglican Church of St Peters, Cooks River. More on the church and its background tomorrow. Today, I show you a snippet of my journey down to the inner-south of my city.


diane b said...

Convicts had it tough in those early years. I watched "Michael Howe" last night. So you are a proud seventh or more? generation Aussie. You can be proud.
That graffiti is not too bad. My train to work in the 60's used to pass through St Peters.

Julie said...

My mother used to commute from St Peters during the late 30s and early 40s. My ancestors riddled that area. Very poor, very working class. I did not watch Michael Howe, but will catch up on i-view, prior to next week. Joseph Puckeridge was my 4th great grandfather which is 7 generations to me, and 9 gens to Alannah & Juliet. Quite some journey.

Joe said...

I wonder whether Joseph Puckeridge ever thought his bricks could be the canvas for street art. I wonder if he would have approved?

Julie said...

I suspect he was preoccupied with his own - and his family's - survival.