Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Parish of Cook's River [2/5]

Where was I? Ahh ... Joseph Puckeridge had been set to work down the brick pits to make building materials for the fledgling colony, which started a run in his family as his son, Richard born in 1811, eventually became a brickmaker, too. So, I googled 'brickmakers in early Sydney, and Bingo! I was introduced to St Peter's Anglican Church at St Peter's in inner-Sydney. Of course, when it was established there was nothing 'inner' about its location whatsoever. It was not even fringe, but rather the 'back of beyond'!

However, that list of baptisms of brickmaker's children contained the name Mary Ann Puckeridge, Richard's daughter, Joseph's grand-daughter, and MY great-great-grandmother. The foundation stone for the church had been laid in July 1838, and the building consecrated to the glory of God on 20th November, 1839. Mary Ann was baptised on 26th November, 1839. Just six days later.

Being consecrated in 1839, makes St Peter's the second longest continuously operating church in Sydney, after St James on Macquarie Street which was consecrated in 1824. There were others, of course, but they were either burnt down or knocked down.

Six days, eh? Blimey ...


Joe said...

How terrific that your detective work is revealing insights in to your ancestors Julie. I have dabbled in playing detective through ancestral records and found it very satisfying.

Jim said...

Looks great with this paintjob