Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sydney from on high (2)

Hyde Park South from the Observation Deck of Sydney Tower in Pitt Street.

Hyde Park was established by Governor Macquarie. He pretty much left it to its own devices, as he was fighting fires on way too many fronts, what with the uppity military, and the free-settler disdain for the pardoned convict, that alone Commissioner Bigge and his listening to tattle-tales. So, Hyde Park was used as a military parade ground. It was used for cricket matches. It was used as a distribution point for water from Busby's Bore. It was a bit of a scruffy dust-bowl, if the truth were told.

Building of the ANZAC Memorial seen here in the centre of the southern section of the park, commenced in 1930 during the height of the Great Depression, and the Memorial was officially opened on 24 November 1934. Hyde Park is just over 40 acres. I would love to know when Park Street cut through the park, but cannot seem to winkle it out.


Dina said...

Hard to imagine Hyde Park as a scruffy dust-bowl. :)

Julie said...

A bit like Israel, Dina, Australia is not naturally a green and verdant land.

Bruce Caspersonn said...

Great stuff Julie. I love it, still the world's best blog.

Julie said...

*blush*, Bruce.