Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sydney from on high (6)

I have swung right around nearly to where I started this series 6 days ago. This must be close to due east. There are two city streets intersecting where Hyde Park North meets Hyde Park South. The street with the bus, and the red cars in it, is William Street. At this very intersection the name of the street changes to Park street. If you continue up the street (to the left) you will reach Kings Cross. If you continue down the street (to the bottom of the image) you will reach the Sydney Town Hall. The street that runs across the image is College Street.

There are two major buildings fronting College Street. The one on the corner with William Street is the Australian Museum of Natural History It is the building with the vast expanses of green roof. The building next in is Sydney Grammar School. You can see its quadrangle playground. Here use this magnifying glass. This school is the reason the street is College Street. From 1830 to 1850, the sandstone building fronting the street was Sydney College. That sandstone building is called "Big School". Is is a greater public school, and they are allowed to have boy-jokes like that. In 1852, the building, supported by an act of parliament was reopened as SGS, specifically as a feeder for the newly established University of Sydney, out on Petersham Hill.

From the observation level of the Sydney Tower, Sydney, Australia.


Dina said...

What a city, what a city!

Sumedang Daily Photo SDP said...

Cool! I see a basketball court right there, wishing a football field too. :)

diane b said...

I never realised that was a school. Great series.

Joe said...

Wow. You have conveyed so much information from your rooftop perch Julie.