Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sydney from on high (5)

Looking west, we trace the line of the harbour as it ceases to be Port Jackson, and becomes either the Parramatta River or the Lane Cove River. This is the water that you see over where I was unable to avoid the reflections from the rounded windows.

There are two expanses of water closer to us, and more in front. Immediately in front of my camera position is the entrance to Darling Harbour, which projects into the landform called Cockle Bay. The building with the white roof is the National Maritime Museum, which is alongside the Pyrmont bridge, which still carried the monorail in September when I took this set of images.

Follow the bridge along what appears to be a tree-lined street. See the two pylons of the ANZAC Bridge which spans the entrance to Johnson's Bay, Glebe, to the left of the bridge? It is a glorious walk around the Glebe foreshore in the early mornings with the city providing a near-quiet and un-busy back-drop.

From the observation level of the Sydney Tower, Sydney, Australia.

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Bruce Caspersonn said...

That's a great view of the dopey new cruise ship terminal. The big new liners can't get to it because of the coat hanger.
I am not going to use it anymore either.