Monday, 27 October 2014

Travel by train (2)

When I visit my brother - my "big" bro'- I make tne outward journey from Sydney Central without change, to Gosford. The entire outward journey - walk, bus, train, taxi - takes three hours. The outward journey is via Strathfield, and Hornsby.

The return journey is different. I take one train from Gosford to Hornsby, and then change trains to go down the North Shore line rather than the Main Western line. I shop in Chatswood, and then catch the 267 bus home with a 20 minute walk. It is a long day that starts at 6:30 am.

The photo shows my connection waiting at the platform at Hornsby, as soon as my train from Gosford pulled in. It takes a while for me to shake off the movement of vehicular travel. Things are still moving, and the ground still swaying for about 10 minutes. And that is even when I bury myself in the single seat on the lower level of the carriage immediately adjacent to the stairs.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I rather like using public transport now most of my travel is leisurely rather than commuting. My monthly visit to work involes connecting trains and buses with none of them so tight to cause me anxiety so I can roll along happily reading.

Jo said...

Oh wow, that's some travel and connections. You are so lucky to have public transport. In South Africa, this is not possible. Neither would a 20 minute walk home (in a city)be safe. I trust you found your big brother well and enjoyed your visit. Greetings. Jo

Bruce Caspersonn said...

Good on you Julie. I like trains, they are probably the best way, of all ways, to travel.