Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Travel by train (3/3)

Often, when I travel by train, I am one of very few in a carriage. I know I travel early in the day. I know, serendipitiously, I often get on at the beginning of a route. I rarely travel in peak hour, when trains and buses are loaded to the gunnels. I get scared in crowds, and the pressures inside my head beome intolerable. On a Saturday, if I am late returning from Gosford, and the train has four carriages instead of eight, we are packed in like sardines. To make matters worse, a large proportion of these travellers seem to have travel suitcases with them. Large travel suitcases.

But, primarily, what you see here is how my journeys begin.


Jim said...

My trains are never that empty.

Julie said...

Hah! Jim this one WAS standing at Hornsby ready for the massive trip out to Richmond. But just travel outside the peak of a weekend, and this is how it is.

head in the sun said...

ooo - i DO like that first shot - really interesting.

Jo said...

Oh that would suit me JUST fine, an empty carriage all to myself. Twice my husband and I traveled by train in the UK; once first class from Peterborough, East England to London and then a few days later on the Heathrow Express from Paddington Station to the airport. Both were early trips and we had the carriage to ourselves. I loved it. Have a great day. Jo

Joan Elizabeth said...

Love the tunnel of the first shot. The mountains trains are good after peak hour and we never have trouble with a seat pretty much at any time of day. As for those big suitcases they are a feature of mountains trains just about any time of day.

I remember my very first train trip to the mountains in the late 60s they had a luggage car!

I seem to remember that in the 80s people could still smoke and drink alcohol on the mountains trains.