Thursday, 6 August 2015

Pin the Heart on the Tin-man

Dorothy went "Over the Rainbow", right? So we had a necklace-making table with a selection of rainbow-coloured beads.

The Tin-man didn't have a heart, right? So, we had a large sketch of him pinned to a wall, and party-goers wrote their name on a pre-cut heart, and chanced their hand.

The Lion lacked courage, right? Over along the side wall were the makings for a badge of courage that its creator could wear to support Cowardly Lion.

Down the back were a coven of rainbow witches' broomsticks, and peaked hats, to augment games.

Pretty soon the yard was abuzz.

Having a birthday-gig, and inviting a swag of friends over to play for a few hours, is great fun. But, who pays the ferry-man? The birthday girl, of course. Instead of placing a penny on their eye, she is writing each and every one of them a "Thank you" card. For a 5 year-old, it is a slow process, but she is getting there.


William Kendall said...

It looks like the kids were having a blast!

diane b said...

Kids parties are quite sophisticated these days. Looks like a load of fun. Can you believe, Fox starts school in two weeks?

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love the birthday girl's outfit.